I'm glad that you're here. A little about me? I am passionate about why yellow is the best color ever. I think cooking for friends and family is my love language. Planners are kind of my obsession. And I am an avid binger of trashy reality tv and true crime podcasts!

I'm a full time wedding + portrait photographer and I can tell you, I'm living the dream! My journey to wedding photography seems quite predictable. I mean I was planning my wedding on The Knot at the age of 13... my actual wedding didn't quite go along with that plan. Beyond weddings, I am here for the beautiful! Whether it is a mom chasing after a little one, sharing a special kiss to the cheek of the bride to be, or the tears of a daddy walking his little girl down the aisle, I'm here for it all. So, lets capture something beautiful!   

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From November 2017 to July of 2018 I had been to/in 7 different countries in 3
different continents: the US (obviously), Mexico, The Bahamas, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, and Spain! 

If you spend more than 5 minutes, you'll find that I sing ALL THE TIME! I grew up with a worship leader mother so music was ALWAYS playing somewhere in our house and I have brought that into my home as a wife! 

I was #3 in my graduating class... of 4! I went to a super tiny private school and the only other girl in my graduating class is actually one of my best friends and was a bridesmaid in my wedding! 

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