I'm glad that you're here. A little about me? I am passionate about why yellow is the best color ever. I think cooking for friends and family is my love language. I'll be admiring flowers wherever they can be found. I'm a wife to Andy, momma to J, and we have what feels like a tiny zoo with our two dogs and cat. You can always find cookie dough in my freezer because who doesn't like a cookie when you come for a visit?

I'm a full time wedding + portrait photographer and I can tell you, I'm living the dream! My heart beats for all of the little moments and the pretty things in between.  I My only goal is to capture all of the things and have you leave comfortable, confident, and hopefully with some new favorite things about you. The hope is to take this camera across the world to celebrate the people that you love, the things you love, and the places you love a  

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From November 2017 to July of 2018 I had been to/in 7 different countries in 3
different continents: the US (obviously), Mexico, The Bahamas, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, and Spain! 

If you spend more than 5 minutes, you'll find that I sing ALL THE TIME! I grew up with a worship leader mother so music was ALWAYS playing somewhere in our house and I have brought that into my home as a wife! 

I was #3 in my graduating class... of 4! I went to a super tiny private school and the only other girl in my graduating class is actually one of my best friends and was a bridesmaid in my wedding! 

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